Budapesta St. 13, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Professional Association for Robotics and Automation (PARA) is a technological NGO and unites representatives of productions, system integrators, robot manufacturers, educational institutions, software and innovative companies from the Bulgarian industry. PARA’s goal is to turn Bulgaria into a technology center for robotics in the Balkans.

PARA works for the connection of industry with education and the state, proposing different types of policies in the innovation sector. The association organizes forums, a robotics incubator, connects companies, provides access to specialized information in the sector.

PARA’s stand aims to show how robotics is developing, starting from a Lego course to the development of your own product (robotics incubator) and the implementation of robots in production. For this purpose, PARA will provide visitors with access to:

∙ Developments of TU-Sofia from the robotics club

∙ Automated farming solution

∙ Michaela’s robotic arm from our robotics incubator

∙ Weeding robot under development at PARA Robotics Incubator

∙ Collaborative robot and robotic training cell from a leading industrial robot manufacturer