2161, Pravets, 21, Industrial Area “Praveshki Hanove”
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The art of Flying

NIKI Rotor Aviation is a family owned company established in 2010 in the town of Pravets, about 60 km from the capital Sofia.

We are the first and currently the only Bulgarian manufacturer of gyroplanes, also known as gyrocopters – machines that have the flight characteristics of both an airplane and a helicopter. They do not need more than 50-100 meters of runway for takeoff and landing and are characterized by the ability to fly at high speed at low altitude, which makes them maneuverable and at the same time safe.

The product range of NIKI Rotor Aviation includes the Lightning flagship and the Kallithea, which appeared on the market shortly after it. Both gyrocopters are manufactured entirely in our factory, and in order to increase the quality and technical characteristics, we have integrated innovative processes and maintain partnerships with the leaders in the aviation industry.