1504 Sofia, blvd. Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi 82

Air Force and Air Defense Department
(Air force & Air defense Department) of the Military Academy “G. S. Rakovski”, carries out research and educational activities, ensuring the training of experts in the professional fields of “Military Affairs” and “National Security”.

The Department of Air Force and Air Defense conducts training and preparation in the following areas:
 full-time and part-time form of training of officers (students) to acquire the educational and qualification degree “master” in the professional direction “Military Affairs”;
 regular, part-time and remote form of training for civilians (students) to acquire an educational and qualification degree “Master” in the professional direction “National Security”;
 qualification courses in various fields of aviation;
Training for the acquisition of an educational and scientific degree “doctor” under an accredited doctoral program.

Doctoral programs:
“Aviation security” from the professional field “National Security”.

Masters programs:
 “Organization and management of military formations at the operational level” from the professional direction “Military Affairs”, Air Force specialization;
 “Aviation security” from the “National Security” professional direction.

Qualification courses:
The courses conducted by the “Air Force and Air Defense” department are aimed at various structures of the national security system, as well as civil organizations and government departments.
The courses are in the following areas: fundamentals of aviation; aviation security; planning, coordination and operational use of DULS; training of officers for the needs of the Air Force, etc.

Research activity:
 DULS test trials;
 test trials of countermeasures systems;
 use and counteraction of DULS;
 in the field of security and defense;
 participation in exercises of the Armed Forces formations with “Complex Air Situation”.