The Agrocopters manufactured in Bulgaria

Drone technologies for agricultural purposes are among the main highlights of the INTER DRONE EXPO exhibition from October 20 to 23 at the Inter Expo Center

Did you know that drones are increasingly being used for agricultural purposes? Did you know that Bulgaria is emerging as a major producer of agricultural drones?

The production base is in Plovdiv. “6-7 machines have already been produced in Plovdiv, our goal is to make 150 agricultural drones by the end of the year,” he commented in an interview for the Bloomberg TV program “Business Start”, with host Hristo Nikolov, Borislav Petkov, executive director and owner of “Agrocopter Europe” (you can find the entire interview HERE). The Plovdiv base in the industrial zone of the city, in which the investment is entirely Bulgarian, began its activity after the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the decision of a Ukrainian company to move its production to our country.

Bulgarian drones bearing the “Agrocopter Europe” brand are widely used in agriculture. The machines can be used to spray crops and forests, survey areas and much more. Although they are unmanned, drones require a human hand to operate them because they are not autonomous.

Did you know that drones for agricultural purposes are among the main highlights of the INTER DRONE EXPO. Under the patronage of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, the exhibition will be held from October 20 to 23 at the Inter Expo Center. This is the first exhibition for Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula dedicated to drones. INTER DRONE EXPO is a joint project of Inter Expo Center and International Drone Exhibition Consortium.

Drones in agriculture – what are the advantages?

At the moment, work is being completed on the latest model of the Bulgarian agricultural drone, which will be able to carry up to 60 liters of preparation for sowing and agricultural crops. “This drone has no analogue worldwide,” comments Borislav Petkov. Bulgarian agrocopters use internal combustion engines. The components for the drone are imported from various countries, such as Singapore (electronics), Japan (motors, control panels), Taiwan, China, etc.

Machines produced in our country reduce the use of detergents by 20-25%. The result is achieved thanks to the method of ultra-small-volume spraying. Another advantage of agrocopters for farmers is cost reduction. According to the manufacturer, the drones created in our country need only 220-230 ml. Fuel for the cultivation of one acre.

It seems that our country has great potential for the development and creation of agricultural drones. Borislav Petkov confirms to Bloomberg TV the great potential for the sale of drones for our domestic market and the advantage of Bulgaria – our country is a good starting point for foreign markets.

The future of the creation of drones for agricultural purposes in Bulgaria looks more than promising. We will find out what the future of drone technology is at INTER DRONE EXPO, from October 20 to 23.