Inter Drone Expo

INTER DRONE EXPO brings together components of air mobility, electromobility, smart cities, digitalization and cybersecurity, unmanned systems, the use of geospatial information systems and other technologies in the presented sectors.

The format aims to show the latest products and technologies, as well as to emphasize on the progress, trends and sustainability in the sector.

INTER DRONE EXPO’s first edition in 2022 presented more than 90 companies, research institutes, associations and clubs, all associated with remote controlled systems and robots, attracting more than 4 000 visitors.

THE EXPERT FORUM focused on key topics of the sector:
> urban and regional aviation mobility, regulatory framework, agricultural activities
> emergency medical supplies and courier services
> U-space drone air traffic management, security and defense, etc.

The forum gathered a professional audience from government institutions and interested business professionals.

> FPV drone racing with standard obstacles under BFA rules (luminous) on an indoor track (area of 1,300 sq.m)
> Drift demonstrations and drift track race with radio-controlled cars
> 1:10 scale electric model race
> On-road track: race with 1:10 models with electric motors powered by a hydrogen cell
> Demo starts on track 1:28 – on-road climbers
> Crawler track: demo race with climbers, 1:12-1:10 models

Responding to the rapidly developing technologies in the field, this year the exhibition focuses on urban air mobility, smart, cities and electromobility, the use of unmanned systems for collecting information and analysis, for monitoring sites in the energy sector, insurance, mining, automation of ground syrveying research, and last but not least – their use in disasters and rescue operations, as well as in support of HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service).


> Manufacturers of drones, small aircraft, underwater, airborne, land-based unmanned systems and anti-drone systems.
Manufacturers of transport drones
> Manufacturers and suppliers of components, motors, sensors, CCTV, infrared cameras, batteries
> Software for drones and drone systems. Specialized applications. Artificial intelligence
> GPS and geospatial solution providers
> Research centers developing drones for security, defense, data collection, etc.
> Aerospace companies, simulator developers. Space research organizations
> Autonomous robots for fire protection, rescue and disaster management and other applications
> Companies offering drones for various uses: agriculture, capture, analysis, measurement, etc.

2023 Highlights:

> AIR MOBILITY connects industry professionals, showcasing the future of airspace, air mobility regulations and formation, and informs about the latest development in the sector

> SMART CITIES with a focus on electromobility and digitalization, the use of geo-information technologies, mobile applications for mapping, site management by capturing and analyzing aerial images, building information modeling (BIM), site remediation and monitoring, 3D mapping, urban mobility management, etc.


Given the accelerated pace of unmanned systems and their application in a number of economic, industrial and military sectors, the forum on current professional topics provides an opportunity for their further promotion, as well as the creation of a sustainable business environment in the sector.

> Unmanned aircraft system education and qualification
> National Security and Defense program
> Drones for precision agriculture
> U-space in the EU and Bulgaria
> Implementation of specific drone operations
> International and national projects for BA
> Unmanned aircraft system


> Provide a quality business environment for everyone in the industry, enabling business development and improvement.
> Offer a platform for key professional visitors from multiple sectors, such as trade, air mobility, emergency services, security and defence, who can take advantage of innovative technologies to improve operations and day-to-day tasks.
> Offer a platform for manufacturers, service providers, component manufacturers, etc. to present the latest products and technologies to end users.


> In one place, professionals and amateurs will discover the latest products and services transforming the industry.

> An area for business meetings and accompanying events give to participants the ability to network and create long-term business contacts.

> Demonstrations – on 15, 16 and 17 June – in Sofia, at Inter Expo Center and on June 18 – at Lesnovo Airport.